Karina VanDecaveye


Leather Executive with significant global leather experience. Expertise in business development, sales management, B2B,
as well as sales and product development. Skilled in directing logistics to develop process strategies for improved
operations as well as increased productivity, performance, and revenue growth. Leader of Industrial and Logistics teams,
supplier strategy, and external suppliers. Comfortable supervising complex business practices and worldwide operations
across cultures, recognizing others’ strengths and positioning staff to maximize workflow via optimal performance,
exceeding goals. Keen ability in footwear and handbag material sourcing, development, commercialization, and
procurement. Influential communicator, coordinating cross-functionally to integrate process strategies that drive
profitability. Recognized for identifying new technologies and suppliers, deploying sourcing strategy, and managing
project in terms of product, cost analysis, and annual cost down. Vast multi-national contact base. Focused on fostering
relations through dedicated team leadership and clear communication. Expertise in direct leather sourcing for famous
women’s footwear and handbag brands. Languages: English, Portuguese, Spanish; Basic Mandarin