Alexander Ingram


I am a creative leader and firm believer that living a life based on purpose is the path to peace! I work at the Sony North American Headquarters where I utilize my expertise and network to help grow business and marketing initiatives for PRO Support into new and developing markets. Everyday I get to employ my skills through my passion of Digital to grow our market and service professionals. I am a champion of process and culture and promote diversity and inclusion into new and developing business segments. In the words of the great Akio Morita, "Curiosity is the key to creativity." I come packed with over 10 years of experience in the media and photography industry with positions at Sony, IMG, Art Partner, Art and Commerce and TrailerPark. I am passionate in sharing my passion and give back to my community through photography partnering with non profits, schools, and colleges to provide resource and mentoring to youth and adults. I am a student of life and always striving to become the best I can be, looking to learn new things through every opportunity. I use my skills and passion in photography to define the world around me while motivating others in the process. It's all about the journey and I am on one heck of a ride.