Trevor R Dean


I grew up in Loveland, CO which is where I spent the first 18 years of my life. I had one older brother and family who loved the outdoors and who pushed me to engage in any/all types of activity whether it was recreational or competition, really anything to just get me moving around and my blood pumping. Growing up in this environment helped me develop a deep love for the outdoors while having an older brother ingrained a competitive nature in my personality and shed light on the importance of teamwork as well.

After graduating high school in 2015, I moved to Steamboat Springs, CO to fulfill my desire to live in the mountains and snowboard as many days I could a year. I spent two years there while attending Colorado Mountain College and left with an Associate of Arts degree. My time in Steamboat was full of snow and adventure but two years was enough for me, so I decided to further my education at Colorado State University in Fort Collins, CO in 2017.

Two and half years later, in December of 2019, I graduated from Colorado State with a Bachelor's degree in Organization and Innovational Management. Studying with a focus in business allowed me to excel and recognize the importance of both teamwork in a business setting along with when and where having a competitive nature can be a crucial force.

My current interests are participating in outdoor activities (especially snowboarding and any type of game that makes me move), meeting and interacting with new people, and pushing my comfort zone to help myself grow and be more comfortable with the uncomfortable.

I am currently seeking employment in a sales position that doesn't restrict me to being in an office 100% of the time or a position in event management where I can coordinate moving parts/people to create overall the most efficient/effective system. I am open to relocation and can start September 1, 2020.