Rozanne Whyley


Hospitality Operations & Event Specialist with extensive experience building, growing and improving business relationships, profitability, performance and value within mature and start-up atmospheres. Delivers profitable marketing, communications, and branding solutions that generate sales, attract and maintain clients, and build steady growth through changing market landscapes. Executes and organizes logistically challenging events and activities, working in an independent capacity while functioning as the first-in, last-out team member. Team Builder & Office Management Leader who nurtures high-performing, results-producing workgroups and aligns resources to ensure a competitive edge. Engages as a champion for business consultation, developing the business case, gaining buy-in support, and engaging people through premium and innovative storytelling. Steers onboarding, training, employee development and office administration roadmaps, allowing for maximized service delivery and ROI. ? Applies advanced skills in staff development, employee engagement, community and Advisory Board relations, and fiscal management leadership to guide implementation of resources to define short- and long-term targets. ? Supports and executes organizational culture through the definition of a clear strategy and development and execution of action plans, engaging teams by reinforcing purpose. ? Improves existing processes, capitalizing on operational workflow, and enhancing project management lifecycles - logistics, event operations, and business management. ? Brings a strong history of handling tight deadlines, serving as a motivator and mentor to overcome operational roadblocks to deepen community relations and event coordination. ? 10+ years within the hospitality industry, serving as a core management team member to oversee the opening of multiple restaurants, bars and nightclubs in the LA area. ? Overcomes budget constraints in struggling times while maintaining a cost-oriented culture during productive periods, serving as a resourceful and creative financial steward.