Justin  Smith


Customer Service Professional with extensive contact center experience (19 years) and proven ability to lead teams (15 years) and drive transformation. Extensive experience includes: • Developing future vision and implementation strategies that exceed customer experience targets and sales generation goals by creating the operational roadmap of the training needs of employees to assist with the changing needs of customers. The roadmaps focus on key business growth opportunities over the next 12-18 months, and are designed to provide employees with critical knowledge needed to understand the product and how it translates to the customer's life, which gives opportunities to move customers from service to sales by asking the appropriate questions. • Developing customer service strategies/journeys related to large scale product launches with an emphasis on the technical experience by partnering with business units across the enterprise (Product, IT, Device Technology, Go-to-Market, Workforce Planning, etc.) to create and propose the strategy for Customer Service, which includes the call routing processes, troubleshooting guidelines, escalation procedures, training needs, reinforcement needs, and support. • Effectively supervised the day to day operations, planning, and activities of Verizon's call center operations, which included leading a customer service/technical support team of up to 15 supervisors and 335 frontline employees, leading a call center team of 1,021 employees, and managing the development of a 3,000-person Tech Support organization. • Building a winning culture with enthusiastic leadership, communicating and connecting with all levels of personnel, and building trust in employees being led through leadership by example, showing them respect and sharing that their opinions and beliefs are valued.