Emily Briner


After spending my entire nine-year career in the aerospace industry, I communicated to my company on Oct 1, 2018, that my last day would be on Nov 30. I decided to take some risk to follow my heart and pursue a career in an industry with which I am more passionate. Prior to searching for my next role, I decided to first take some time off to travel and spend time outdoors to refresh and re-energize. After taking this time off, I am looking for my next role and long-term partnership.

Most recently, I led Customer Service/Inside Sales teams for the company’s largest $400M market while improving the customer experience, building strong customer relationships and contributing to revenue growth and sales strategies. My resume also highlights achievements and valuable experience I have within the areas of sales operations, data analysis and reporting, field sales/growth strategy, forecasting, process improvement and strategic planning. Throughout my career, I’ve always been asked to work on corporate projects, and this has further strengthened my sense of business acumen. I am known for my strong work ethic and passion for the quality of work I do, customer focus, adventurous spirit, solid analytical skills, energy and an A playin’, business winning attitude!