Jordan Driesen


If you saw one of my posts on LinkedIn and found it interesting, chances are you are a job seeker. You are seeking work and I happen to be a person who thinks "jobs that help people get jobs" are more rewarding than any other. Now, my journey has taken me to Find My Profession and you would be interested to know what this company offers. Hint: It involves helping people who make $100K or more get jobs. If that is you, send me an invite to connect. Even if it is not you, and you want to hire someone, connect anyway. Maybe I know someone you need right now. I should tell you about Find My Profession, too. Find My Profession is the #1 company in the United States that will manage your entire job search. If you are a senior or executive professional with an expected salary over $100,000 then keep reading. We call it the Career Finder Here's what we offer: 1) Chat with a professional to discuss your career goals, expectations, and requirements. 2) Receive an updated, optimized and redesigned professional resume and LinkedIn. 3) Work with a dedicated account manager to build strategic relationships that will get you hired. 4) Utilize your very own personal assistant responsible for applying to jobs on your behalf. 5) Interviews Guaranteed - Each interview will be pre-approved by you.