Mark Johnson


Fine wine and spirits professional with over 15 years of experience as a high volume Operations and Logistics Manager.
-Deep knowledge of tech and e-commerce platforms in this field with specific expertise in real-time inventory management, procurement, fulfillment, forecast planning, and exceeding projected goals.
-Recent results: Closed H1/H2 2018 at 250% of target ($1.5m+ over H1/H2 2017), incidentally slashed excess spending and costs by over 30% by H2 2018.
-Has acquired and acquires extensive wine and spirits industry knowledge both inside and outside the work environment.
-Entrepreneurial self-starter by nature, as demonstrated by consulting startup brands and seamlessly initiating advanced logistics framework systems.
-Continually learning and focused on long term planning, I am proven to be unconditionally dedicated to organizational goals and needs.
-Displays exemplary leadership, on-boarding, and training at the highest professional level at all times.
-Proficient understanding of APICS, 3-tier Distribution, 3PL, Supply Chain, Lean Inventory, JITP, and 5s methods and practices.