Adrie Gregg



I’m Adrie Gregg. My history of success in customer service is directly related to my ability to maintain business relationships and foster customer loyalty. I’m an expert at managing client satisfaction and at training teams to achieve demanding service goals.

I am a multifaceted, dynamic, and innovative retail professional with 15+ years of experience in successful business development. I have a proven history of merchandise and open-to-buy planning, inventory management, budgeting, marketing, and surpassing margin objectives, sales quotas, and strategic goals. I am a forward-thinking problem-solver with advanced market/trend data, competitive analysis, and marketing/promotional skills.

While others take pride in meeting all standards set before them, my passion is for delivering service that goes beyond organizational expectations, creating a win-win scenario for everyone involved.

Please feel free to contact me at [email protected] with any thoughts, comments, or questions about my work—I’m always interested in making new professional acquaintances.

Warm regards,

-Adrie Gregg