David Paskowitz


As the eldest son of the world-famous surfing Paskowitz Family, I have had a very unique sociological background, which has enabled me to negotiate life with a very strong ability for sensing human behavior, understanding complex systems, and providing strong leadership in group situations and high-profile activities.

With these tools, I have been able to excel in all forms of working relationships that require specialization in order to be effective. As some examples, I was able to ascend to the top of motorcycle sales at Camrod Motors in NYC even though I had never ridden a motorcycle before. In 2007 I produced the Surfing for Peace concert in Israel with Kelly Slater, Makua Rothman, and KIND Bars CEO Daniel Lubetsky, utilizing this same proficiency. Throughout the 1990s and 2000 decades, I was the front-man and lead vocalist of several bands in the Southern California area, which provided entertainment to venues including local clubs, national venues, and sophisticated events.

Currently I am the owner of Nerd by the Hour Computer Repair and maintain clients as a Desktop Administrator and IT Manager, having learned computer science on my own.

I have been a waterman for 50 years and strive to continue living my family legacy though dedication and compassion.