Vincent  Correa


Currently, I am the marketing assistant at one of the largest criminal defense law firms in California. When I first started in the marketing department, I jumped at the opportunity to expand the firm’s social media presence across platforms as well as improve the content to stand out from other law offices.

I believe that social media is a powerful tool, and the firm could benefit from an advertising plan, attention-grabbing copy, and results-driven initiatives.

I was able to achieve various successes on social media, such as:
- Use paid social media to drive website traffic and obtain client leads
- Launch Instagram-exclusive campaigns to reach a new audience
- Establish a brand voice to increase engagement and build an online community

It was important to me that the digital efforts were aligned with the firm’s overall goals so I worked cross-departmentally to compile reports that identified social media metrics, client conversions and monthly revenue, as well as reviewed analytics to pinpoint areas for optimization and growth.