Brandon Yergey


I am a culture champion. I believe in the power of "we". I embrace the concepts of collaboration and cooperation and I DO believe teamwork makes the dream work.

When was the last time you were a member of a great team? How did that feel? Did you understand your mission and purpose? Did you have complete trust in your teammates, co-workers or group partners? If so, I bet you had an extremely fulfilling sense of belonging and value and were consistently proud of of your results and outputs. I bet you got. stuff. done. Now, are you lucky enough to have that feeling today? If not, have you made it your mission to get back to that environment?

I feel extremely fortunate to have been part of some great teams in my life and to have worked (and played) alongside some truly exceptional individuals. This is why I strive to do my part to build a positive, trustworthy, collaborative environment from the inside out everywhere I go and in everything I do. That project of yours? Sounds cool; how can I help? That challenge you're facing? I have an idea; have you thought of this?

With each new challenge comes opportunity. Embrace the journey before worrying about the results. If you have the right team, you'll develop the right plan. If you have the right plan, the results will follow. Work to surround yourself with people with unique perspectives and diverse experiences. Challenge the status quo and be relentless in the pursuit of improvement and above all, stay positive!