William Lankford


Dear Potential Employers

My venture and role within the field of publication, editorial marketing and communications, has taken me across the country and back. Over the past five years I’ve held a number of positions at various magazines and outlets all of which have lead me up to this point. At Soma magazine my role at that particular publication began with an internship. My duties included weekly social media post and assisting in ad sales and marketing with the help of my publisher, as well as music and artist write ups. After six months I was promoted to associate editor and eventually managing editor, a position which I held for the remainder of my stay at Soma Magazine. After taking some time off to focus on my education and other work I assisted along with the help of two friends from Twitter, with the birth of a local magazine called Gross Magazine, which was centered around international arts, culture skate and surf. The issues first release was in the fall of 2016 with a limited run of a thousand pieces, and was sold internationally. My role and duties as associate music editor was specifically focused on music write ups, editing and social media post/social media marketing. With a more specific spotlight centered around search engine optimization, which in my opinion coupled with a steadfast marketing team would and can ultimately lead to repeat users and potential loyal consumers.

Born in the heart of Los Angeles, being more connected to land and spirit than he would like to admit, for William, it is certain this dual citizenship, embedded in purpose and passion, takes on a life of its own, through his choice of words and how he lives his life. Educated in San Francisco at the University level and accompanied with a lifestyle forecasters whit and outlook on things, the vocabulary and cadence in his writing lend a rhythm and ease that invites and compels you to join in; read further. Without a doubt, his time in New York fashioned the polished literary expounder you now see. The direct influence of the streets, it's trends, tendencies, and culture, can all be felt, as it spills onto the pages of his work.
Photographer and associate Breno Aragon, http://brenoaragon.com/

Currently Im freelancing and writing for Juxtapoz Art Magazine/ Thrasher Magazine which is an internationally distributed and now more recent quarterly publication. Over the past year I have been getting first hand experience in the areas of in depth art write ups, web write ups and even more so recently marketing strategies with an emphasis on return users for the publications social media networks and all platforms in accordance with this particular publication. It is my hope that with the help of your team that I am able to contribute everything that I have had the pleasure of learning over the years and apply it to your company.

Thank you for your time and consideration, Sincerely,?

William R. Lankford