Nashona Haldane


I'm a creative/marketing extraordinaire-my passion is to develop concepts, ideas, and visual language that have depth and texture, the kind of design that moves people. I am enthusiastic about my work and strive to be an integral part of any industry.

I'm dependable, tenacious, friendly, with a rock-solid work ethic, a fast learner, and a great sense of humor. I can master a wide range of responsibilities, which include managing and mentoring design or marketing teams, overseeing contractors/freelancers/other teams, creating effective and energetic design solutions, or marketing campaigns. My experience also includes maintaining and creating web content, managing corporate branding strategies, and adapting quickly to whatever is thrown at me.

In addition to my robust digital background, I also have extensive experience designing printed material such as a creating catalogs from the ground up, which includes concept, production, and management. I love to design and therefore enjoy the design world and other people and positions within it.