JD Scelza

JD Scelza

Operations Manager

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First of all I'd like to thank you for your time and for viewing my professional background.

Over the past five years I have learned and performed a variety of tasks when I decided to venture into entrepreneurship and open a start-up company along with my business partner/brother. It all started as offering a B2B service in the Food Service/Hospitality Industry, to direct import a variety of equipment brands manufactured mainly in Italy and Spain to become a "one-stop shop"; Providing innovative and energy saving solutions for our Kitchen Design Projects and offering selected brands with a long history of established business in Europe.

The list of assignments was ever changing, as many may know, the process of a start-up can be very challenging and demanding but also rewarding. I've gotten used to wearing multiple hats and getting fairly decent at plenty of roles, yet rarely have the opportunity to work toward being an expert at any one position. From coordinating direct imports, account management, and inventory control to e-commerce platform setup, brand development and social media management. Administrative and accounting quest are also on this list.

Best regards,
J.D. Scelza