Katya Jones


I am an industrial designer currently residing in Kansas City, Kansas but I am willing to relocate if the opportunity presents itself. I grew up overseas for many years and I am always looking for my next adventure. I graduated in May 2019 from the University of Kansas located in Lawrence. Here I received my bachelor degree in Industrial Design focusing in consumer electronics and soft goods. I also attained a certificate in Entrepreneurship because I had two years of business experience before going into design. My Entrepreneurship certificate allowed me to learn more about the business side of a company and how design can change based on financing.
Since graduating I have gained experience by working full-time and as a freelance designer. I have been lucky enough to combine both my hobby for outdoor activities with my career. Moving forward I do not limit myself to one area of design since I still have learning to do. I enjoy outdoor product design, consumer electronics, soft goods, footwear design, home good design, and apparel design. I believe every aspect of design process to be important, but I lean towards sketching, ideation, rendering, and creation. I hope you find my portfolio to be interesting and if you have any questions or comments feel free to message me.