George Kara

George Kara

Sourcing Manager (Buyer)

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George is a connector, his strength lies in connecting suppliers to product and ensure that the best price and fasted delivery terms are met.

George is a problem solver, he does not think in problems but in challenges and has proven to be able to think out the box and solve problems quickly so no delays in the process occurs.

George has product knowledge, he is a fabric, wash and fit expert. As a product developer and product manager he gained experience in all apparel (Woven & Knitwear) product groups (Mens & Women), he has special passion for Denim.
Another strengths lies in developing high quality garments in cooperation with design. His technical knowledge, feeling for trends and passion for fashion makes him help to translate design sketches, mood boards, etc. to good qualitative and commercial collections.

George is a Motivator, he motivates his team to outreach them selves and bring them to the next level with keeping a balanced work / life situation in mind. He is there for his team and keep them focussed on priorities.

George is a teamplayer, he is open and always and transparent and shares information with his pears, team member and other department to ensure smooth processes

Besides that George is a nice social guy :)