Rebecca Bocian

Rebecca Bocian

Photographer/ Creative Director

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"Getting shit done since 1986"

I work hard, I do what it takes, because I am committed, loyal and driven.

I would say my style is most similar to street- raw, real, and personal.

I would love to work with more skate/ surf/ snow brands as well as golf. I had no idea the manicured green lawns would be so appealing, I was pleasantly surprised when I discovered golf events to be so exciting!

My photography is usually used for marketing purposes, but also to document activities and generally good times. =)

I have been running my own freelance photography business for 5 years, and recently have been specializing more in events, marketing and food, but I love all photography and video styles and topics.

I would be happy sitting on a street corner so long as I had my camera.

Brand development and management, Photography and Editing and Retouching
Ability to work independently as well as the ability to thrive in a team
I have spent the majority of my free time for the past several years simply learning as much as I can from as many free resources as possible.

I am quite the nerd .