Independent Contract Accountant Consultant

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ZACH GEORGE, CPA 951-322-9886 [email protected] Orange County 13722 Red Hill Street Tustin CA 92780

Areas of Practice (Orange County, L.A.)
Trainer of Controllers, Hands-on
Accounting, Auditing, Consulting
Cutting Costs and Expenses
Internal Controls Expert (Big 4), Liaison
Financial Statement Preparation, Monthly Close, AR / AP, Job Costing, Payroll,
General Ledger, Reconciliations
Cost Accountant, Cost Accounting Expert

EFFICIENCY AUDITOR--- 5 years total experience including GSMI and others
• Control or cut expenses and costs
• Training of client Controllers, CFOs, and accounting staff. Very hands-on.
• Business Process Improvements
• Job function automation - reduction of time, manpower, and labor costs. Very hands-on.
• Identify bottlenecks.
• Quantify operational problems.
• Fine tune strategies, policies, procedures.
• Implement best practices.
• Analyze profitability ratios.
• Report key performance indicators.
• Reduce waste.
• Improve efficiency.
• Increase productivity.
• Profitability Improvements
• Cash Recoveries- $38 Million so far
• Problem Solver

Industry Lines
Diverse industries, including Oil & Gas, Food & Drugs, Manufacturing, Retail and Wholesale Distribution, Healthcare, Restaurants, and Construction

Computer Applications
Technically proficient in
MS Power Business Intelligence(PowerBI)
MS Excel / MS Word / MS Access, Paradox, Dbase, Lotus, SQL, HTML, Advanced Revelation, Progress, Quickbooks
ERPs, Solomon, JD Edwards, MS Dynamics,
Peoplesoft, Hyperion, SAP, Oracle, NetSuite

PC Computer expert with over 19 years experience in hardware, software,
programming, data structure design, data manipulation, and overall system design. Programming skills in over 100 different computer languages, coding of
unfamiliar programming languages.
Proficient in system design, flow charting,
coding, debugging, ad hoc reporting and data mining. System and Data CONVERSIONS