Paulo Rosas

Paulo Rosas

Designer and marketing

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Motorsports design and marketing with 12 years of experience, having done work for the likes of Alpinestars, Triumph UK,
Moto GP, Roland Sands Design, Ford Mustang, Bike Exif, Pagnol Moto and more.

For design: Who needs more "stuff"? even if it's "cool looking stuff", design 101: Design should stem from a need or solving a problem, basic right? But I so rarely find this to be followed by brands/companies, I mostly see the "make a bunch of styles to see what sticks" approach, ending up with a surplus of product on sale, design for design sake, so no, that is not my approach, mine stems with the goal of filling in a need, solving problem which then creates a story behind the design and the brand, which then creates brand differentiation and culture.

For marketing and biz strategies: I specialize in "modern" marketing, the fusion of "content and advertising", the CONTAD, combined with PR, digital marketing and events.
I also specialize in Direct To Consumer business strategies, the way of the future? The way for today!