Francisco Rodriguez

Francisco Rodriguez

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Hello there! My name is Francisco. I was born and raised in San Diego, CA, currently residing in San Francisco, CA. I have created design work all across California in the past 10+ years; San Diego, Chula Vista, Los Angeles area, Peninsula area, East Bay, Etc.

I have a genuine passion for design, advertising, and social media. I have loved working alongside other creative individuals from all facets of art. Singers, songwriters, social media campaign managers, makeup artists, hair stylists, the list goes on.

I have quite a variety of talents that I feel would make a great fit for almost every facet of design, I feel that working freelance for about 10 years, Taking on multiple hats in various industries has me at an advantage to jump into every role I commit to.

One design example that I have, that best matches the requirements and ability to work with time sensitive materials and collaborate within multi-layered creative teams is My work with the 54th Annual GRAMMYs (

Aside from digital design, I am firstly an illustrator. I love to spend my free time in coffee shops throwing some sketches down, doodling ideas for small projects and working with local artists and entities to help get things in motion. I'm very skilled at portraying my ideas through conceptual art.

I took some time off from designing professionally to take some more classes and focus on reconnecting with other forms of art, bookmaking, illustration classes, and digital journalism. I'm attempting to gather as many new experiences within the social media field as I can, whilst moving forward creatively.

Included is my Resume and my portfolio is here:

-Strong Conceptualization and development of marketing campaigns across all media platforms.
-Illustration roots, sketching, storyboards, and art layouts.
-VERY Strong social asset design for infographics, ( ) video, GIFs, social share visuals.
-8+ years of Print Design experience. DVD covers, Magazine ADs, campaign fliers, door hangers, mailers.

I hope to hear from you soon!