Julia Marenghi


During my tenure at The University of Southern California, I developed a passion for marketing and community building. I studied under professionals in their fields and gained insight into my strengths in growth & retention through community engagement. My hobbies are agricultural and outdoor centric. I am currently learning beekeeping and can be found spending any free weekend exploring national parks and reserves. I am seeking a full-time position in which I can focus on community building and authentic
consumer engagement with my experience in growth & retention strategies through experience design and digital media. Above all else, I am seeking a company aligned with my values where I can work alongside a team to make an impact on the greater good.

I believe in people and our innate desire to connect and create lasting change. I started as a content creation intern for a female-founded start up called in Quilt. I saw a need for a new kind of engagement with potential customers and took initiative to evolve my role. I am now the social sales coordinator under the marketing branch at the company.  I am responsible for the strategic vision of Quilt via increasing community engagement across social platforms, growth hacking into untapped communities, and creating data driven outreach.