Gail Webb

Gail Webb

Corporate / CEO Communications -- PR -- Marketing Strategy

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512.413.1500 | |Austin, Texas

Global CEO Communications| Public Relations, Internal Communications | Marketing Strategy/Campaigns

Career Snapshot: Large and Small Companies, Variety of Industries/Successful Transitions

• CEO/C-level Global Communications: (largest: 50+ Global Sites/Field Offices – 17K headcount)
• Managed Global Internal Communications and Public Relations (strategic annual planning/roadmaps/budget/resources)
• People/Direct staff (up to 15 team members) – performance reviews/KPIs, mentoring, day-to-day operations
o Global Communications Network (team member headcount varied)
• Public, Media and Analyst Relations; collaboration with Investor Relations
• Community and Government Affairs; Customer, Partner, Vendor, Sales Communications
• Crisis Communications, Mergers & Acquisitions
• Marketing campaigns, Branding, Strategy Pivots; Advertising, PR Agency and consultant partnerships
• Traditional media, e-media, social media (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube)
• Events - wide variety of launches, campaigns, strategic announcements
Key Accomplishments and Transformative Programs
• Successfully transitioned six Fortune 500 CEOs/C-level leaderships (retained by all as Internal Communications lead)
• Pivoted Product PR B2B strategy to incorporate B2C model resulting in new customers/increased sales
• SaaS: Drove new strategy, rebrand, B2C to B2B, transforming business models for success, increased customer base/sales
• Visionary transition of traditional media to incorporate e-media and all social media
• Invented “Global CURE Webb Strategy” for all messaging/content; all mediums, programs/campaigns; all everything
o Compelling
o Useful
o Relevant
o Easy (to understand, navigate, implement, engage)
• Envisioned, built, managed:
o Global Communications Network, Site and Targeted Cascade Communications Programs for Business Units
o Global Crisis Communications, Six Sigma Change Management
o Global Intranet, PeopleFinder, Webcasts, Spirit of Success Program, Executive Viewpoints and Roundtables
• Visionary – strategic – decisive (develop realistic Visionary programs vs. “Big Ideas” that cannot be implemented)
• High integrity – credibility – agility
• Adaptive – versatile – successful industry transitions
• Natural relationship builder – all levels – all stakeholders – established corporate link to all global sites
• Effective manager/leader; reputation for great hires/strong teams and coaching staffs to reach highest potentials
• Makes the tough decisions; executes them with humbleness and respect
• Team player, naturally collaborative (Cooler stuff is made when we all share our Legos)
• Innate problem solver – adroitly identify and fill gaps – implement solutions
• Laser focused – sense of urgency
• Emphatic voice of the customer/stakeholder – results /data-driven – huge advocate for transparency and accountability
• Prudent risk taker – agent for smart change – skilled negotiator (dissension – crisis)
• Creative and effective under constraints (time - budget - staff)
• Resilient - 10-year cancer survivor (Yay!)
• Fun/witty – contributes to camadarie and genuine desire to be part of a team for success (Ask me about my M&M talent)