Katherine Guerrero

Katherine Guerrero


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We'll cut right to the chase.

I (currently) don't work out of an office. Hell, I don't even work wearing shoes. I've been living in my car, running around New Zealand (surf trip!), finding great companies to work for in-person and online. Now I'm in Portugal, writing in the morning and running around in the afternoon - finding nice waves, spending time with nice people, and soaking up the sun. The result? Waking up every day, inspired.

My dream client? Someone who wants a writer, creative, and hard worker that enjoys crafting words and experiences about the environment, outdoor recreation, good food, and great products. Sound like you? Let's chat.

I'm currently looking for something more...permanent. Let's face it - living on the road is fun, but after a while, all you want is to create a work community you're excited to see every day. Biking to work also sounds nice.