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MARKS Engineers
Charging the future of eMobility™

Our Mission
Enabling a Zero Carbon Future
We’re a team of engineers who help homes, workplaces, businesses, and the public sector to embrace renewable technology. We specialise in designing solar, battery storage, and electric vehicle charging solutions – using high quality products and backed up with unrivalled service.

eMobility solutions
MARKS Engineers eMobility solutions enable charging points to be installed quickly, cheaply and in the minimum of space. Operating this kind of infrastructure means you can already participate in a market with high growth potential.

Driving eMobility
The future of mobility is electric, and MARKS® Engineers already plays a major role in the advances being made in this field. Our smart charging solutions, carefully planned networks and efficient control bring together all the necessary aspects of modern charging.

- Smart Electric Vehicle Car Charging Stations
- EV Hardware, Network Software, Installation & Support Services
- Electric Car Public Charging Stations
- Mobile Electric (EV) Vehicle Chargers
- Parking Planning Design
- Parking Lot Assessment
- EV – Electric Vehicle CAD
- Plans for EVSE Installation
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Mark Oshana Badal
MARKS Engineers 
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