Kyle Hentschel


Within the sports and entertainment industry, I held an internship with CBS Sports in the production side of broadcasting and worked closely with high-level producers. Day-to-day tasks included evaluating the significance of performance statistics, writing hooks and summaries for anchors, and coordinate in the production and final editing to be aired. I have written hooks that have been used by anchors to summarize a range of different sporting events from PGA tour golf, NHL hockey playoffs, and NBA summer league basketball.
My current position with Steinberg Sports & Entertainment, I work closely with Leigh Steinberg and Christopher Cabott, prominent agents within the sports and entertainment industry. Responsibilities of my job include article research on current sporting events that are posted monthly onto Article research I have done delve into pertinent NFL topics and other current events happening in sports. I work with the company’s database to ensure it is kept updated in real time and to create reports to present to management about relevant business needs. I have developed recruiting presentations for potential clients and create marketing presentations for our current clients, such as Patrick Mahomes II.