Alex Rosier


Hi, I'm Alex.

I am an award-winning content creator, marketing technology professional, and entrepreneur with a knack for identifying opportunities, crafting stories that spread, and launching ROI+ campaigns.

In my 3.5 years of marketing experience I have owned marketing end-to-end for a client that will do $25M in first year sales, built two marketing agencies, designed and launched a software product for a Fortune 40 company, garnered 1M+ views for personal creative work, received the main feature award in YouTube’s Rising Creators global product launch, co-founded a successful non-profit organization, and helped secure a $10M marketing deal while on a small team at Accenture Interactive.

Feel free to reach out to me here, as of today (May 24, 2019), I am actively seeking a new opportunity.

FYI, The background image above is for an 11 minute skiing film I created, called The Japan Story, which combines stop motion animation, spoken word poetry, modern editing techniques, and in-your-face powder. (You can watch it on my portfolio site or by searching "The Japan Story" on YouTube)