Barney Sasaki


Corporate   Communications   Creative   Manager,   Creative   Director,   Senior   Art   Director,   Senior   Graphic  Designer,   Photographer   and   Videographer  Accomplished   creative   professional   with   a   proven   record   of   enhancing   brand   awareness   and   increasing   results  through   the   development   of   innovative   strategic   thinking   that   meet   marketing   and   business   objectives   in  communications   and   advertising.     Conceive   and   design   high-quality,   high-impact   graphic   solutions   that   convey  complex   business   messages   in   a   simple,   clear   and   compelling   way   through   a   variety   of   high-profile   marketing  and   communications   media.   Help   establish   and   maintain   direction   for   company   brand   and   identity.  Responsible   for   innovative   designs   by   providing   strategic   thinking,   with   marketing   and   creative   expertise.  Established   and   maintained   highest   levels   of   creative   design   output   within   visual   constraints   of   budget,  schedules,   and   requirements.  Key   competencies   include:  •   Advertising   and   Promotion  •   Brand  Identity  •   Creative   Design   and   Graphic   Production  •   Collateral   Development  •   Conceptual   Identity  •   Conceptual   Storyboard   Advertising   and   Video   Campaigns  •   Project   Management  •   Digital   Signage  •   Visual   Style  •   Brand  Manager  •   Art  creative   direction  •   Respond   directly   to   graphics   customer’s   branding   needs/requirements.  •   Evaluate   and   promote   branding   requirements   for   the   Corporation   and   customers.  •   Production   and   maintaining   the   “branding”   website  •   Branding   Reinvigoration.      •   Gatekeeper   and   driver   for   the   Aerospace   brand   identity   guidelines    •   Created,   developed,   implemented   and   managed   company   annual   report,   resulting   in   increased   brand  awareness.  •   Responsible   for   innovative   design   by   providing   strategic   thinking,   with   marketing   and   creative   expertise.    •   Created   custom   corporate   marketing   materials,   resulting   in   increased   brand   awareness.    •   Responsible   for   the  branding   business   card   website  •   Evaluate   and   promote   digital   signage   for   the   corporation  •   Responsible   for   creative   department   personal.   Supervised   staff   of   ten  •   Oversee  production   of   all   creative   materials  •   Project   manage   schedule   work   flow  •   Budgeting   requirements  •   Initiated   and   maintained   relationships   with   vendor,   requestors   and   consultants