Katya Margolin


Entrepreneurial mindset rooted in design thinking, I write things that get onomatopoeias out of people. Because your message should never be glossed over; it should freeze people in their tracks. It should make people quote you and talk about you for years to come.

To do that, I uncover truths and stories that make people think in new ways, re-think old ways, and shift mindsets and behaviors. I do this is a writer of sorts, a brand strategist, a journalist, an editor, and have even been a podcaster.

I work with human performance and lifestyle health brands, such as sports nutrition supplement company CarnoSyn and the NASA-developed circadian lighting technology from BIOS. Outdoors and adventure brands are also a natural fit for this explorer!

I'm excited to hear about your content goals. Let's talk:
[email protected] I www.katyacreates.com