Diane Serra


I am a multi-disciplined creative professional with foundational programming and content writing skills. Prior to becoming a Designer, I worked for 6 years as an E-commerce Coordinator & Influencer Marketing Coordinator in the sustainable fashion industry for prAna.com. I provide the most value in positions where I can wear many hats and work cross-functionally with other teams.

What I bring to the table-
3 years experience in UX Design
3 years experience in professional writing
5 years experience in multidisciplinary design
5 years experience in project management
6+ Years experience in E-commerce
10 Years in Customer Service
Foundational programming skills
Adept at working in a high-paced, startup environment
Organized, timely and polished
"Diane is thoughtful, precise, organized and engaging. She is diligent with details, friendly with her customer engagement, a steady problem solver and use her design sensibility to be a person who represented the ethos of the brand day to day.

Diane delivers pertinent information in a friendly and proactive way. She is able to share her opinions thoughtfully and the team always trusted that whatever information she shared was in the best interest of the company. She is a highly respected part of any team because she is reliable and personable with a great eye for design.

I appreciate Diane and her partnership in the past and she is someone I would work with again any time. "- Alison Rojas Metcalf (prAna.com)