Alex Simpson

Alex Simpson

Creative Director + Founder

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Ander Quinn - Founder + Creative Director

Developing digital, interactive, social, and print experiences. Leveraging communications, branding, social media, video, and in-product promotions to engage diverse audiences. Nurturing Instagram following of 104k+. Pitching proposals to clients within budget. Skillfully recruiting, mentoring, and leading large geographically dispersed teams of creatives while interfacing with analysts, producers, and executives to create innovatively explosive advertising campaigns for the following organizations:

Sony - Wheel of Fortune:
Increased online footprint by 42%; social media presence, 37%. Led an overhaul of digital content, website (desktop and mobile), social media, video, and games. Liaised with 6 programmers, leveraging knowledge of HTML and CSS. Collaborated with analysts to utilize user feedback and other KPIs to optimize advertisements and drive strategic campaigns.

HBO Now:
Increased subscriptions from zero to 14.5+ million while leading a cross-departmental team of 6 creatives by boosting traction and engagement for older television shows using video social media and web campaigns.

Created one of the first in-app Snapchat advertising campaigns, using motion graphics to attract the younger customer sector.

Redesigned and standardized internal communication, helping harmonize between departments.

Eli Lilly:
Facilitated the in-house team in rebranding emails, posters, trading material, and training manuals to improve client retention and engagement.

Michael Hoefflin Foundation:
Boosted fundraising by 24% by creating promotional digital and print content for 4 annual events. Led the move from purely print advertising to digital advertising. Developed and implemented creative campaigns to improve traction and update outdated content.