Allison Francis


A production expert in multiple mediums, I am an accomplished creative project manager and producer with exceptional client service and a depth of hands-on experience that is hard to equal.

I offer more than 20+ years of expertise managing teams of 5 to 150 on a wide variety of high-profile, high-tech venues and projects, ranging from marketing communications digital, web-based, OOH, and print deliverables, to fully-integrated multi-media/broadcast campaigns; plus advertising agency and product development/brand management experience, to extensive related skills from the entertainment industry where I have worked on a broad scope of production pipelines, including 2D and 3D animated feature films, television, radio, on-site live events, corporate conferences, and trade-shows.

IN SHORT: I get it done. While the job titles may change with each project, the job itself remains the same each time: planning, people, and professionalism in practice. Whatever the scope and scale of a project, I consistently provide professional results, delivering on-time and on-budget, all while maintaining a cool head under pressure, as well as my sense of humor.

I believe my background is well-suited to the CREATIVE PRODUCER role for which you are hiring.

Please see resume attached, along with my LinkedIn profile and personal website links listed below, for greater detail.

I look forward to discussing the details of this role with you soon.

Thank you,

[email protected]