Shelly Nagler


Ability To Sell * Achieved within first 90 days of new NSAID (Naprelan) launch: 1 of 10 in district and 2 of 19 in area; resulting in twice the market share average in the area. * Ranked 16 out of 90 ( ranked against 12 districts in Zone 4) in antidepressant drug ( Effexor) * Ranked 33 out of 90 in Premarin in 1996. * Overall ranking is 18 out of 90 in 1996. I believe that the times when doctors in my territory had actually written prescriptions of the drugs I represent right in front of me let me know first hand without a doubt that I have influenced their prescribing habits which is later confirmed with increased marketshare data of the drug they prescribed in my presence. I also believe that when I've been complimented in front of my boss by several doctors in my territory about what a good job I'm doing, as well as, the time I had Dr. Daoud tell me he actually looks forward to me coming in to visit him exemplifies my ability to sell and influence my territory doctors in order to increase market share. Ability to Work with a Minimum of Supervision I believe that the many late Friday afternoons I've worked, the many Saturdays spent at health fairs, as well as, the many CME evening programs that I've run show my ability to work hard with a minimum of supervision. I believe my genuine desire to help and assist with my territory doctors practices as well as my enthusiasm to sell self motivates me to work. Two letters of recommendation confirm, "In addition to Shelly's ability to remain calm under pressure, Shelly also prioritized and completed all tasks in a timely, efficient manner, Shelly's willingness to stay late whenever necessary as well as "help out with anything, "can be added to her list of positive attributes. I feel that Shelly's skills, professional demeanor and personality are representative of the type of employee that would benefit any company ."