Taylor Kealy


My professional experience to date has been administrative in nature, working in customer service, human resources, and acting as an office assistant. These roles have taught me business acumen, office upkeep and how to effectively manage a project from start to finish. But beyond my day job, you’ll find me exploring everything that SoCal has to offer. One weekend I’ll be up in the mountains, the next I’m in the desert, and I strive to finish every day at the beach.

I also maintain and curate birdasaurus.tumblr.com, a Tumblr mood board that has over 200,000 followers. The page started as a keepsake for all things beautiful I find on blogs, Instagram, and company websites but I was delighted to discover just how much my tastes resonated with people and it turned into something much more. This is where my initial interest in photo research began. Over time I’ve created a brand based on upcoming trends and visually striking images, employing a high degree of organization and strategy to reach a wider audience.