Jonathan Agoot

Jonathan Agoot

Digital Innovation

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As a Digital Innovation Leader, I'm committed to translating leading-edge technical ideas and solutions into viable business opportunities. I deliver broad value—including commercializing emerging technologies to new and existing customer bases—and transform IT capabilities into key business assets that improve operational efficiency and enhance enterprise effectiveness.

I serve as a dynamic change agent and bring a start-up mentality to established enterprises. This entrepreneurial mindset enables me to analyze market trends, reduce the noise that can negatively impact long-term strategic decision making, and recognize and address any current or future problems. I'm focused on determining key customer pain points and prioritizing our efforts to effectively transform those pain points into growth opportunities.

I navigate extremely complex—and often highly ambiguous—business environments and lead by influence to drive consensus among diverse, cross-functional internal and external stakeholders.

Finally—in addition to my demonstrated abilities in commercializing emerging technologies—I'm skilled in leveraging data and metrics to ensure that we build effective, long- and short-term, fully data-driven strategic decision-making processes. I'm able to break down long-standing, business-impacting silos and forge bi-directional relationships that ensure optimal data utilization.