Brett Roddis


With nearly two decades of experience in the apparel industry I have developed a deep understanding of apparel, fashion, design, sustainability, business, technology and innovation from yarn creation through to finished product. I have an innovative and resourceful mind with a great sense of design, process, form, and aesthetic. I excel in blending left & right brain skills by marrying business, strategic rigor and operations discipline with an innovator's know-no-boundaries creativity; looking to outside industries for solutions (medical/automotive/academia etc) to join dots and make connections others may not see. I am a highly flexible thinker and outstanding communicator who thrives working cross-functionally collaborating with different personalities and perspectives across various functional areas, including digital, manufacturing, engineering, materials, sourcing, product creation, design/development to create a balanced portfolio of innovation and differentiated product across multiple dimensions, ranging from near-term business plans to multi-year strategic plans.