William Vennes


Innovator. Educator. Artist. Musician. Scientist. Environmentalist. It is impossible for me to sum myself up with a flurry of keyboard strokes, though I can demonstrate my reliability and potential with my first year out of college as a first-time teacher. Teaching K-8 at the highest level of private institution, I was charged with creating curriculum from the ground up based on my ranged knowledge (from minimal to quite extensive in most cases) of a multitude of softwares and technologies. Added to a crash-course introduction to classroom management for every age up until high school, I have created a mighty foundation of science, curiosity, and project-based learning. Whether fabricating Remote Operated Vehicles and skyping in with scientists / ROV operators aboard R/V Nautilus, or 3D-Printing cross-curricular projects, my versatility landed me the opportunity to raise money for the technology program at the yearly auction. I raised $71,600. With a raise and the new title of Associate Director, I head into next year confident and willing to be snatched up by a more promising opportunity.