Kelly Cox


Currently, I oversee all product production for the content my company delivers. My day-to-day is mostly operational: capacity and resource planning, project approval, managing timelines and communication with customers, validating invoicing of sales before sharing product, conflict resolution and overall production strategy.

I work very closely with multiple teams within my organization, so personal skills are a must! Everyone operates differently, so adjusting my workflow and communication is key. I create most operational process to keep the assembly line running smoothly.

My past experience is mostly management. In my time with Salt Lake County, I supervised a team of close to 100 employees, built and managed all recreation programs within the aquatics department and worked closely with school districts and other businesses for contracted rental space.

I'm very passionate about the outdoors! It's a huge part of why I moved to Utah. I love what I do now, I just want to move into an industry that correlates with my lifestyle and background more.