Eduardo Dal Zot


I am an MBA graduate at Schulich School of Business (Toronto, Canada), with 8 years experience in the merchandise field, and I am deeply interested in joining an exciting retail company as a Buyer or Merchandise Planner for several reasons. Firstly, I’m excited and engaged by the challenges in category management, because the field relies entirely on understanding the customers and deciphering trends in data analysis. To maintain and improve assortment performance, we must strategically consider each marketing concept and have a strong sense of the business model.

Additionally, I believe my eight years’ experience in planning and allocating, combined with my strong academic accomplishments, will help me succeed and meet targets in the company. I would like to point out three main skills that I developed throughout my career:

1) Data analytics proficiency: In my 8 years working as a leader in merchandise planning and product strategy at big retailers in Brazil, I transformed raw data from unstructured reports into meaningful charts, interpreting them to produce valuable insights.

2) Long-term relationships: By leading cross-functional projects at my previous company, engaging with many of its leading directors, I learned how to navigate among top leaders and negotiate with many different players, with transparent and collaborative relationships.

3) Engaging and coaching teams: Based on my experiences leading a team of five, I believe a leader has to inspire the team and enable them to understand the purpose of both their tasks and the overall business.