Travis Wilson


I graduated with a degree in Marketing because I am excited by a field where I can apply my creativity and drive. I love to see the results from my hard work, whether it be in Sales, or Company Progress or Productivity. Writing has always been an interest of mine. In college, during our group campaigns, I was always the go-to creator for copy and headlines. Being quick-witted with my sense of humor has and will lead to memorable content for my brand. I have 11 years of experience in Customer Service orientated positions, as pleasing my customers and coworkers has always been rewarding to me. From waiting tables to call center service to account management, the customer experience has always been my priority. I thrive in positions where I am in contact with our customers, and can interact with them organically for their benefit as well as our company's. I am a quick learner (learned 6 new programs for my current position) and am passionate about learning new things as I work to improve my career success.