kareem madi


Started working as a Filmmaker since I was a Junior, Interested in Video Journalism, Content Creating, Storytelling, Video Editing, video shooting, Sound Recording & Mixing, and Film making.

Working in the One Man Crew Style since 2014, I obtain Video Ideas, Do all the Pre-Productions, Shooting, Filming, Editing, Color, Direct and Producing a whole Video report or Documentary.

- One of my best achievements was on 2015, - Worked as a Data wrangler with the team of the horror movie ( Under the Shadow) which was Won 1 BAFTA Film Award. Another 19 wins & 18 nominations.
- Worked with Rosetta international as a freelancer Video editor & motion graphics on a project of 1400 videos named "Howcast" the best how-to videos on the web.

• Filmmaking
• Video Journalism
• Video Editing
• Storytelling
• Shooting/ Filming
• Voice Recording &Mixing
• Producing Reports & Documentaries