Toby Taylor


Is your organization looking for an experienced unique leader? A modernized visionary who embraces change? A pioneering, confident decision-maker, and calculated risk-taker? Let me introduce myself.

I’m Toby Taylor, a leader with diverse experience across brand management, sales, marketing, promotions, and product launches for healthy grocery, supplement, wellness, body care, CBD, beverage, lifestyle, soft-n-hard goods, action sports, and outdoor retail products. I enjoy and excel at developing and motivating teams to be a personal and professional success. I’m an idea generator with a strong dedication to exploring new opportunities to achieve revenue, brand awareness, and profitability goals.

I began my career as a paramedic and firefighter, working for the Orange County Fire Rescue for more than 20 years and reaching the rank of Lieutenant Paramedic II. I eventually developed an interest in lifestyle and wellness brands. I began working for an organic drink company in 2006, parlaying my background in marketing and management, and my adaptability and team focus on a brand management role.

I have significantly impacted bottom-line performance for many employers with experience across all aspects of sales, marketing, and brand management. I have managed multiple brands regionally and nationally, directing a team of sales representatives who consistently met sales targets.

I’m open to work, interested in exploring opportunities to connect with other brands, like-minded entrepreneurs, and executives. Feel free to message me with any relevant job opportunities or if you would also like to build your network of contacts.