Toby Taylor

Toby Taylor

Independent Rep

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I have a unique range of experience starting out in retail working in the Surf industry and then a rewarding career in the Fire Service / Paramedic and retiring as a Lieutenant / Paramedic. That background, learning under often dynamic stress the importance of integrity, physical fitness, communication being flexible and adaptability, dedication, public image and being a team player are the foundation of my career now.

My ability/knowledge/expertise in marketing, management, promotions, and sales are enclosed. During my time at Sambazon and the Healthy Beverage Company, I was able to succeed in National and Regional South East Promotions in events, merchandising and implement marketing strategies. Stimulating brand awareness, hiring, staying under budget, payroll and measuring each event. Other duties included implementing Sports Marketing Campaigns, managing Athletes and Brand Ambassadors. Currently, I’m the owner and CEO of Timeline Global Promotions.

Outdoor Retail and Natural Products industries have always been a passion and lifestyle practice and the opportunities that came, allowed me to develop quickly into a successful manager with companies to working as an independent representative with many brands expanding both categories and often crossing over. Im still excited and passionate about the Outdoor Industry even more and proud of the platform this industry represents and the people I associate with. At this point in my life, Im always excited about new opportunities, have more to accomplish, evolve and pass on my experiences. The first priority in any business is managing people (human priceless capital) abstract elements of leading teams and people oriented to success for themselves and the company. I bring unique work experiences and desire for success to your organization.