Franklin Flint


echnical marketing expert with robust knowledge of telecom market. Futurist technologist and master of strategic outlook with experience delivering record-breaking results. Skilled at communicating and building partner ecosystems. Drives thought leadership, evangelizes company, members, and standards.

Thinks holistically and bridges gap between brainstorming and doing real work to get real results. Substantial success working with peers and leaders from Israel, Finland, UK, Canada, China, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Brazil, Ireland, Germany, France, Spain, Singapore, Jersey, Sweden, and others that resulted in life-long friendships and true collaborative partners.

Blogging – Video - Marketing Strategy - SEO & Copywriting - Product Marketing - Corporate Spokesperson - GTM - Product Market Research - Internal Communications - Business Communications - Technical Writing & Presentations - Communications Strategy - Digital Media - Branding & Messaging - International Marketing

-> Regenerated TIA’s technology program with focus on next generation technologies.
-> Led Dell into Global Telecommunications Market. Realized organic sales of $50M in one year, and grew to $400M while building robust multi-vendor partner ecosystem.
-> Formed international team of marketers and services grew revenue from $500M to $1.4B+/annually with international business growing at double rate of US market.
-> Created multi-faceted solutions for digital film distribution that could scale down and up to meet every need in film distribution and playback industry and successfully transitioned film industry to digital distribution with Dell winning ?30% new market share.