Tiera Salitros


My name is Tiera Salitros, and I am a graphic designer from the Midwest. I recently graduated from Iowa State University in early May, spent a month designing and volunteering in Uganda, Africa and now I am back in America and excited to begin my career as a graphic designer. I believe that my education has enabled me to gain the skill set needed to succeed in the industry. Not only am I passionate about my field of study, but as a creative inspired by the natural world, the outdoors are at the center of everything I do and hope to do in my work.

Given my previous experience from my past internships and freelance work, I have the ability to understand the meaning of successful design and inter workings of the fast paced agency life. Through these experiences I have learned to prioritize workloads and coordinate multiple ongoing projects while working effectively in a fast-paced, collaborative environment. My transparent communication skills, knowledge of design, extreme passion for the outdoors, and desire to learn make me the best candidate for the a creative position.