Mike Oates Kealey


I have over 10 years experience in the film, video and new media fields through passion, professional, and educational projects. I received a BA in Film/Video with an emphasis in cinematography and video editing from California State University Monterey Bay. I thrive in a creative work mindset, I am constantly seeking innovation and new challenges. I am highly collaborative and excel in project based environments from my time working on set. My communication, oral and written, have had years to develop and fine tune through my experiences working in film productions, concept through delivery. I found Film/Video production in High School, and followed that passion into college where I created projects every semester. Since then, I have worked as on various productions in a variety of facets, pre production through post production. I am well versed in the following operating systems and programs: PC and OS platforms: Microsoft Suite, Adobe Suite (including Premiere and After Effects), Final Cut Pro, G Suite, Excel, Wordpress, Squarespace. I work free-lance as a Director of Photography as well; I love experimenting with light as my paint brush. In my free time, I work constructing and developing websites. Problem solving comes naturally to me. My focus is to perform at a professional level and deliver deadlines before and above expectation. I am a highly creative person and I’m always looking for new and better ways to take on a project. I enjoy challenges and I’m an intelligent risk taker. One of my most useful tools is my communication abilities. I am naturally a team member, so I see the power in excellent group communication. I am highly collaborative and enjoy conceptualizing new projects, individually or as a group.