Dave Watson


PROFILE CONTACT Enthusiast Operations Manager with 10+ years of experience at Backcountry.com, increased 801-657-6125 productivity 30% in three months by implementing 5s and Lean training across all departments. Cut overtime 18% during our busiest time of year by reworking building hours and schedules. Skilled in Continuous Improvement, Training and Mentoring, Agile, and [email protected] Business Process Improvement. • Dynamic leadership abilities specializing in employee development and training Ogden, Utah • Streamlining business processes and increasing productivity levels within multimillion-dollar corporations through Scrum & LEAN manufacturing principles • Accomplished Operations Manager with expertise in organizational management, business administration, cash management, customer service, and relationship management • Conduct business and build relationships in Spanish SUMMARY • Increased daily work flow and throughputs by creating smaller teams within the team to increase communication and collaboration for the 4 year university degree entire team 8 years operations manager • Revamped the team culture by increasing expectations and in equal form 15 years administrative increased opportunities for recognition and reward 8 years marketing 3 years scrum INBOUND DISTRIBUTION CENTER MANAGER 19 years training & development 01/2011-11/2016 8 years agile 9 years financial management • Responsible for the supervision, training, and professional development of a team that ranges from 25-45 team members with experience in receiving, inventory, and returns departments • Increased 99.1% yearly average for inventory accuracy on over 85,000 unique skus to 99.5% as of 11/2016 within Utah Fulfillment Center • Managed daily work flow to increase throughput and meet customer service level agreement goals by creating standard operating procedures and up to date training materials • Fostered a team culture with an ever-changing staff that promotes employee engagement through continuous learning • Built and cultivated a cross trained team where 90+% of team members were proficient in multiple areas of the fulfillment center