Bryon Schroeder


Over the last two decades, Bryon has worked in footwear design and development, creative direction, team leadership, and brand strategy with some of the most iconic and innovative brands, including Nike, Diesel and DC Shoes. He also founded his own design shop, Ursa Major Design and was the driving force behind the launch of MOBS Shoes. He has a passion for creating beautifully crafted shoes through creative vision, consumer driven insights, effective brand strategy and a deep understanding of manufacturing methods. “Design is more about people and process, the end result being a product.” Born into a working-class family in Ohio that valued the do-it-yourself mentality, making things became a part of his being. “I never had a grand plan regarding a career. I just stuck with the things I liked and trusted that it would lead somewhere.” A skateboarder in his youth, Bryon also engaged with punk and new wave counter-culture, which gave him the inspiration and confidence to be creative.