Tanner Johnson


Energetic and Optimistic, these two words describe Tanner Johnson in nutshell. I have been told by my peers and managers that these two traits overflow and have a direct effect on the people I surround myself with. Energy makes me highly efficient, bring life to a stagnant room, and stimulates others to work more effectively creating an enjoyable workplace. Optimism not only is beneficial in positive situations but negative ones as well. Failing is often seen as a dead end, or the end all to certain situations. When in reality failing is the start of something special as it brings a whole new perspective, and learning experience that we should not strive for but embrace.

My past work experience has mainly been in the marketing field with a concentration in event and retail marketing. I have held many leadership positions in my experience and have learned that in order to be an effective leader in the workforce you need to inspire through creativity, innovation, personal interactions, challenges and, in my own personal experience , a little bit of fun.