Austin Silvers


Austin Silvers is an MBA Graduate who worked as a Research Assistant at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo. His research focused on the Cal Poly Center of Innovation and Entrepreneurship. In addition, Austin was the event coordinator for the Graduate Students of Business Association. Austin planned company tours, lectures, social events, and corporate field trips to San Francisco and Los Angeles. Austin worked for SLO Brewing Company, where he transitioned from cellar hand to brewer. At SLO Brew, he experienced team leadership, contract work, and alcoholic beverage manufacturing. Austin obtained his bachelor’s degree in wine and viticulture from Cal Poly. He was active in the Vines to Wine club and competed on the surf team. His internships and employment in college also included warehouse and inventory management at Courtney Construction and cellar employee at Center of Effort winery. His business interests include, supply chain, strategy, management, sales and entrepreneurship. Austin enjoys surfing, backpacking, guitar, and reading.