Devon McClelland


As an undergrad, I majored in psychology – following my interest in the intersection of biology, philosophy, and cognition all wrapped in the scientific method. While I ultimately did not pursue a career in psychology, I am deeply grateful for the time invested as I’m convinced the better you understand the innerworkings of your own mind, the better you understand most everything else. The statistics and research methods courses laid a key foundation for future work as well.

After college, I returned to work for a food distribution company (Shamrock Foods) I had interned with during high school and college summers, in the process improvement department. Above all, process improvement is an extremely useful lens to view business – continuously seeking ways to be more efficient and to establish reliability within those new processes, all with the goal of freeing up time and resources to pursue more meaningful projects. This also brings the benefit of working with people across multiple departments all the way from the warehouse to the executive suite. My time with Shamrock ingrained a mentality of constant improvement in both myself and the environment I am in.

I left Shamrock to work full time on my own business venture, TrickTape, which sells and distributes adhesive suede patches for skateboard shoe repair. Running a business came from the desire to combine my passion for riding with work and has, by far, been my greatest learning experience that requires wearing many different hats. Starting from scratch, it’s been a long road from product development to profitability – something possible only through discipline and the willingness to regularly walk into the unknown. The self-accountability developed is a lifelong skill I know will continue to serve me well.

During this time, I began my formal career in finance, returning to the University of San Diego to attend their 10-month Masters of Science in Finance program. I have always been drawn to the objective nature of finance, as it is the most effective way to understand a company and its core business. With no formal background in finance, I entered the program focused and with the intention to truly learn and understand the material, and am proud to have earned a 3.83 GPA the second semester, my highest ever.

One of my core beliefs is that business has the potential to be the best means for positive social change – for its customers, associates, and society at large. I strive to work for such a company, and want to be a part of that change by doing the best work I can, continually learning and building my skillset day after day.